Additional Package: Join our Detox Program!

1-Day Colon Detox, Chelation and Intestinal Rejuvenating Vitamins Therapy & Wellness Day

An additional Detox Program is available everyday, which can be purchased together with the Yoga Holiday, Yoga & Wellness retreat packages, or Separately. Our one-day all inclusive program is intended to spark your desire to improve your wellness. For any queries related to purchasing additional programs – please contact us directly via email!

Hilltop Wellness Resort
Hilltop Wellness Resort


Our one-day all inclusive program is intended to spark your desire to improve your wellness.

Regular Price per person: 10,400.- THB

The intended purpose is to cleanse or detoxify the body, along with other health benefits.

*Colon hydrotherapy is not a curative solution, but it helps the body fight a variety of diseases efficiently. A toxic colon (bowel) results in several health problems. By flushing out the old, toxic mucus lining of the colon, you can feel better. At the same time, the colon is open to a better and capable way of waste removal and nutrient absorption – two necessary steps in the healing process of any disease. The toxins present in the feces are absorbed by the wall of the colon and redistributed to the different organs of the body by way of the circulatory system. When these organs become overburdened by these toxins, your body is at risk of a variety of health problems. Most of us will not get sufficient fiber in our diet. Instead, we eat foods that contain a lot of fat and sugar. This creates build up in the colon. Most of us carry between five and ten pounds of this build up sitting in our colons.

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