Yoga & Wellness Retreats - where Culture, Nature & Wellness meet

The yoga retreat days are filled with yoga classes and activities that allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture, explore the nearby nature, and focus on self-care with massages, spa treatments, and meditation. An important part of the retreat is also having time to rest, relax, and restore your energies. Hilltop Wellness Resort offers a balanced program with plenty of options to spend your days more actively or take it easy with their Relaxed program. They have also factored in a day off for you to do anything you like; enjoy the resort’s infinity pool and gym, add an extra activity in your personal program or explore the island on your own.

Every day includes two yoga classes, one in the morning and one in the evening. The morning practice is a more dynamic Hatha or Vinyasa yoga-based practice to wake up the body and mind for the day ahead. In the evening, you wind down with a slower yoga practice calming down the body and the mind. Twice a week, they offer a complimentary Sunrise yoga class in addition to the daily yoga classes. This unique sunrise experience is something truly special and they offer coffee, tea, and healthy snacks after the class to enjoy in the morning sun.

The daily activity program takes place in between the morning and evening yoga classes. It is divided into two different categories: the “Active” and “Relaxed” activities. You can choose either one for any of the days and create a mix of more active and relaxed activities. Check-in and check-out days do not include activities, only full retreat days. For an 8-day retreat, Hilltop Wellness Resort asks you to choose one activity for five of your days. This leaves you with one full day off giving you time to rest and relax or explore the island on your own. Yoga classes are still included in your day off!

If you want to add massages or spa treatments to your days, or join in an excursion on your day off, they are happy to organize this for you for a small additional fee (depends on the excursion/activity). This is your retreat and they’re there to help you tailor it to your interests and needs.

Hilltop Wellness Resort
Hilltop Wellness Resort

Package Details

Period: 11th April 2023 - 30th September 2023
Duration1 Person2 PeopleExcursions/ Person
Superior Pool ViewSuite Pool ViewSuperior Pool ViewSuite Pool View
4 Days/ 3 NightsTHB 15,714THB 18,057THB 29,200THB 33,5342
5 Days/ 4 NightsTHB 21,551THB 24,700THB 40,873THB 46,8223
6 Days/ 5 NightsTHB 25,591THB 29,470THB 46,727THB 53,7803
7 Days/ 6 NightsTHB 31,428THB 36,114THB 58,400THB 67,0684
8 Days/ 7 NightsTHB 37,265THB 42,758THB 70,073THB 80,3565
9 Days/ 8 NightsTHB 43,102THB 49,402THB 81,746THB 93,6446
10 Days/ 9 NightsTHB 47,142THB 54,171THB 87,600THB 100,6026
11 Days/ 10 NightsTHB 52,979THB 60,815THB 99,273THB 113,8907
12 Days/ 11 NightsTHB 58,816THB 67,459THB 110,946THB 127,1788
13 Days/ 12 NightsTHB 64,653THB 74,103THB 122,619THB 140,4669
14 Days/ 13 NightsTHB 70,490THB 80,747THB 134,292THB 153,75410
15 Days/ 14 NightsTHB 76,327THB 87,391THB 145,965THB 167,04211
Period: 1st October 2023 - 22nd December 2023
Duration1 Person2 PeopleExcursions/ Person
Superior Pool ViewSuite Pool ViewSuperior Pool ViewSuite Pool View
4 Days/ 3 NightsTHB 16,500THB 18,855THB 30,660THB 35,2112
5 Days/ 4 NightsTHB 22,629THB 25,831THB 42,917THB 49,1633
6 Days/ 5 NightsTHB 26,871THB 30,734THB 49,065THB 56,4693
7 Days/ 6 NightsTHB 32,999THB 37,710THB 61,320THB 70,4214
8 Days/ 7 NightsTHB 39,128THB 44,686THB 73,577THB 84,3745
9 Days/ 8 NightsTHB 45,257THB 51,662THB 85,833THB 98,3266
10 Days/ 9 NightsTHB 49,499THB 56,565THB 91,980THB 105,6326
11 Days/ 10 NightsTHB 55,628THB 63,541THB 104,237THB 119,5857
12 Days/ 11 NightsTHB 61,757THB 70,517THB 116,493THB 133,5378
13 Days/ 12 NightsTHB 67,886THB 77,493THB 128,750THB 147,4899
14 Days/ 13 NightsTHB 74,015THB 84,469THB 141,007THB 161,44210
15 Days/ 14 NightsTHB 80,143THB 91,446THB 153,263THB 175,39411
Period: 23th December 2023 - 4th January 2024
Duration1 Person2 PeopleExcursions/ Person
Superior Pool ViewSuite Pool ViewSuperior Pool ViewSuite Pool View
4 Days/ 3 NightsTHB 24,750THB 28,282THB 45,990THB 52,8162
5 Days/ 4 NightsTHB 33,943THB 38,747THB 64,375THB 73,7453
6 Days/ 5 NightsTHB 40,306THB 46,100THB 73,595THB 84,7043
7 Days/ 6 NightsTHB 49,499THB 56,565THB 91,980THB 105,6324
8 Days/ 7 NightsTHB 58,692THB 67,029THB 110,365THB 126,5615
9 Days/ 8 NightsTHB 67,886THB 77,493THB 128,750THB 147,4896
10 Days/ 9 NightsTHB 74,249THB 84,847THB 137,970THB 158,4486
11 Days/ 10 NightsTHB 83,442THB 95,311THB 156,355THB 179,3777
12 Days/ 11 NightsTHB 92,635THB 105,775THB 174,740THB 200,3058
13 Days/ 12 NightsTHB 101,828THB 116,240THB 193,125THB 221,2349
14 Days/ 13 NightsTHB 111,022THB 126,704THB 211,510THB 242,16310
15 Days/ 14 NightsTHB 120,215THB 137,168THB 229,895THB 263,09111
Period: 5th January - 10th April 2024
Duration1 Person2 PeopleExcursions/ Person
Superior Pool ViewSuite Pool ViewSuperior Pool ViewSuite Pool View
4 Days/ 3 NightsTHB 18,150THB 20,855THB 33,725THB 38,7322
5 Days/ 4 NightsTHB 24,892THB 28,529THB 47,207THB 54,0803
6 Days/ 5 NightsTHB 29,559THB 34,037THB 53,968THB 62,1173
7 Days/ 6 NightsTHB 36,301THB 41,710THB 67,450THB 77,4654
8 Days/ 7 NightsTHB 43,043THB 49,384THB 80,932THB 92,8135
9 Days/ 8 NightsTHB 49,785THB 57,057THB 94,414THB 108,1616
10 Days/ 9 NightsTHB 54,451THB 62,565THB 101,175THB 116,1976
11 Days/ 10 NightsTHB 61,193THB 70,239THB 114,657THB 131,5457
12 Days/ 11 NightsTHB 67,935THB 77,912THB 128,139THB 146,8938
13 Days/ 12 NightsTHB 74,677THB 85,586THB 141,621THB 162,2419
14 Days/ 13 NightsTHB 81,419THB 93,259THB 155,103THB 177,58910
15 Days/ 14 NightsTHB 88,161THB 100,932THB 168,585THB 192,93611
All Yoga & Wellness Retreat packages include:
  • Selected accommodation nights (please contact directly for custom packages)
  • Daily gourmet breakfast
  • Daily lunch from our Wellness menu or from a handpicked local restaurant
  • Daily dinner at our award-winning Plearn restaurant or at a handpicked local restaurant
  • 2-3 Yoga classes daily
  • Panoramic Sunrise Yoga
  • Excursions to local sites with our expert guides
  • All-day use of our indoor gym and infinity swimming pool
  • Private airport transfers
  • Healthy drinks & juices
  • Free Shuttle Bus to Phuket Town upon availability


Example of the daily Yoga Holiday schedule:


This all-inclusive retreat package includes three delicious meals and a healthy juice/smoothie every day!

Breakfast of your choice from our à la carte breakfast menu

Choose a different breakfast every day or stick with your favourites! Vegetarian/vegan items are available.

Lunch in a local restaurant or picnicking on an excursion

The lunch provided depends on your daily activities. If you stay at the resort, you can enjoy the Wellness and Thai menus of Plearn Restaurant. During the excursions, you will have lunch either in a handpicked local restaurant or enjoy a picnic lunch prepared by the chefs at the resort restaurant. Vegetarian/vegan items are available.

Dinner at the resort's Plearn Restaurant

Plearn Restaurant is an award-winning Thai restaurant featured on “Top 25 Restaurants” presented by Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT). The impressive rooftop restaurant at the Hilltop Wellness Resort boasts unbeatable panoramic views over Phuket Town and also views across Phang Nga Bay beyond. Gathering highlighted cuisines from all 4 regions across Thailand in one place, Hilltop Wellness Resort aims to present you with a variety of authentic regional dishes without having to travel around. The “tapas” (small plate) concept allows guests to experience more flavours in one meal. The chefs aim to curate the best experience for the guests by serving high-quality and locally sourced ingredients seasoned to taste. The specially curated Wellness Menus are also available for those looking for international cuisines! Vegetarian/vegan items are available.

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