Relax and Recharge
with our State of the Art Facilities

We understand that the main goal of travelers to a wellness resort is to find tranquility, relaxation and recharge through our wellness packages. That is why our facilities at Hilltop Wellness Resort are something that should not be missed. Travelers who book our wellness packages with yoga retreats will have all-day access to our indoor gym and infinity swimming pool overlooking the panoramic Phuket views as well. At Hilltop Wellness Resort, our main goal is for guests to rejuvenate and relax in the retreat package whilst using the hotel facilities.

It is important for Hilltop Wellness Resort to be a place where travelers can feel at home, as we focus not only on being a wellness resort with yoga and excursion tours, but we strive to provide the best facilities within our resort as well. Hilltop Wellness Resort aims to offer guests the best experiences and activities in and outdoors for guests.

Cave Spa

Signature Aromatherapy Ritual

Cave Spa

Coconut Oil Massage

Cave Spa

Treatment Room

Travel in Thailand would not be complete without exploring authentic Thai treatments that complement your health & wellbeing goals.

Indulge in authentic Spa offerings that pay homage to centuries-old Thai therapies, gracefully combined with luxurious contemporary touches.

Allow our skilled therapists to guide you through a symphony of senses, using locally sourced botanicals, fragrant oils, and time-tested techniques. Through the art of touch, you’ll find yourself drifting into a state of balance and serenity, as stress melts away and vitality is restored.


Infinity Swimming Pool

Panoramic views of Phuket

Situated perfectly overlooking the most beautiful views of Phuket city, the infinity swimming pool
at Hilltop Wellness Resort is the perfect way to relax after a long day.

The infinity swimming pool features a kiddy pool with waterfall fountains and a deeper pool that serves as another breathtaking Phuket viewpoint. With all-day access, the infinity swimming pool is perfect for families on a retreat looking for relaxing activities after a long day at a wellness resort with yoga and excursion tours.

Guests can opt for a floating breakfast in the morning, a splendid upgrade from the usual breakfast at our award-winning restaurant at the infinity swimming pool. Dine in style while overlooking the most beautiful views of Phuket.

Hill Club

Indoor Fitness, Yoga & Meditation Studio.

Hill Club

Yoga & Meditation Studio

Hill Club

Indoor Fitness Studio

Hilltop Wellness Resort is pleased to be able to offer our guests wellness activities at our indoor gym and fitness center, named ‘Hill Club’, which is air conditioned and overlooks the Phuket city views. Our fitness center includes fully-equipped gym equipment such as our state-of-the-art cardio and aerobic equipment which is perfect for travelers to stay in shape. There is a complete line-up of weight training equipment and we also have 2 multi-purpose studios for recreational activities such as zumba, or for running our wellness resorts’ yoga retreat programs.

Our wellness retreat program features sunrise yoga in our yoga deck, whilst our morning and evening yogas will be held at the indoor studios at Hill Club. The wellness resort’s recreation center and yoga studio features spacious bathrooms, changing facilities including locker rooms, and bathroom amenities to rejuvenate after every gym and yoga session at our studio.

Our indoor gym and fitness facilities are available for both guests in the wellness-retreat program, resort guests and external gym and yoga studio members in our local Phuket community. We strive to provide the best and most spacious gym facilities overlooking the most beautiful Phuket city views.

Plearn Lounge

Community Space

Our community space is a vibrant hub where guests come together to relax, rejuvenate, and connect.

Whether you’re seeking a moment of solitude or craving lively conversation, our comfortable seating areas cater to your every need. Engage in stimulating discussions, share stories, or simply unwind with a good book while enjoying the fresh air.

Fuel your body and soul with complimentary refreshments, featuring a selection of wholesome snacks and hydrating beverages.

In the Plearn Lounge, every moment is an invitation to replenish, reconnect, and rediscover the joy of being. Join us as we embark on a collective journey toward holistic wellness, one sip, one story, and one shared moment at a time.

Hosting your retreat at Hilltop Wellness Resort means having the freedom to tailor every aspect to your vision. Whether it’s a yoga and meditation retreat, a wellness and mindfulness weekend, a fitness boot camp, or a creative arts workshop, our dedicated team will collaborate with you to curate the perfect program. Choose from a range of activities, workshops, and therapies to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

Whether you are a Yoga Teacher, Wellness Professional, Creative Leader, or someone with a passion for sharing, our resort is the canvas for your transformative retreat. Bring your group to the Hilltop Wellness Resort, where dreams meet reality and personal growth flourishes in harmony with nature.


Our recently hosted retreat by the VILJA group from Norway: