Yoga and Wellness Retreats


This retreat experience is a holistic journey that encompasses not only yoga and wellness but also a diverse range of activities and excursions designed to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Depending on what day of the week you arrive, your retreat itinerary will feature a relaxing or active program of selected tours, excursions and cultural trips around Phuket.

This thoroughly immersive retreat experience allows you to optimize your health & well-being while deepening your cultural knowledge of Thai cultural heritage.

A Journey to Self-discovery is a quest to uncover your passions and purpose. It’s a process of discovering what truly ignites your spirit, what fuels your enthusiasm, and what makes your heart sing with joy.

Don’t wait another moment.

Start your transformative journey today!

Hilltop Wellness Resort
Hilltop Wellness Resort
  • Selected accommodation nights
  • Daily breakfast buffet (vegetarian-friendly )
  • Daily healthy smoothies
  • Daily lunch from our Wellness menu or from a handpicked local restaurant ( vegetarian-friendly )
  • Daily dinner at our award-winning Plearn restaurant or at a handpicked local restaurant ( vegetarian-friendly )
  • 2-3 Yoga classes daily
  • Panoramic Sunrise Yoga on Tuesdays & Fridays
  • Sound Healing Bath on Saturdays
  • Tours and excursions to local sites with our expert guides ( see individual packages for more details )
  • All-day access to our indoor gym, infinity swimming pool and Plearn lounge
  • Free Shuttle to Phuket Town upon availability
  • Private airport transfers


Period: 5th January - 10th April 2024
Duration1 Person2 PeopleExcursions/ Person
Superior Pool ViewSuite Pool ViewSuperior Pool ViewSuite Pool View
4 Days/ 3 NightsTHB 18,150THB 20,855THB 33,725THB 38,7322
5 Days/ 4 NightsTHB 24,892THB 28,529THB 47,207THB 54,0803
6 Days/ 5 NightsTHB 29,559THB 34,037THB 53,968THB 62,1173
7 Days/ 6 NightsTHB 36,301THB 41,710THB 67,450THB 77,4654
8 Days/ 7 NightsTHB 43,043THB 49,384THB 80,932THB 92,8135
9 Days/ 8 NightsTHB 49,785THB 57,057THB 94,414THB 108,1616
10 Days/ 9 NightsTHB 54,451THB 62,565THB 101,175THB 116,1976
15 Days/ 14 NightsTHB 88,161THB 100,932THB 168,585THB 192,93611
Period: 11th April - 30th September 2024
Duration1 Person2 PeopleExcursions/ Person
Superior Pool ViewSuite Pool ViewSuperior Pool ViewSuite Pool View
4 Days/ 3 NightsTHB 16,500THB 18,960THB 30,660THB 35,2112
5 Days/ 4 NightsTHB 22,629THB 25,936THB 42,917THB 49,1633
6 Days/ 5 NightsTHB 26,871THB 30,944THB 49,063THB 56,4693
7 Days/ 6 NightsTHB 32,999THB 37,920THB 61,320THB 70,4214
8 Days/ 7 NightsTHB 39,128THB 44,896THB 73,577THB 84,3745
9 Days/ 8 NightsTHB 45,257THB 51,872THB 85,833THB 98,3266
10 Days/ 9 NightsTHB 49,499THB 56,880THB 91,980THB 105,6326
15 Days/ 14 NightsTHB 80,143THB 91,761THB 153,263THB 175,39411
Period: 1st October - 22nd December 2024
Duration1 Person2 PeopleExcursions/ Person
Superior Pool ViewSuite Pool ViewSuperior Pool ViewSuite Pool View
4 Days/ 3 NightsTHB 19,058THB 21,897THB 35,411THB 40,6702
5 Days/ 4 NightsTHB 26,134THB 29,953THB 49,567THB 56,7853
6 Days/ 5 NightsTHB 31,036THB 35,737THB 56,666THB 65,2243
7 Days/ 6 NightsTHB 38,115THB 43,793THB 70,823THB 81,3394
8 Days/ 7 NightsTHB 45,194THB 51,850THB 84,979THB 97,4555
9 Days/ 8 NightsTHB 52,273THB 59,907THB 99,135THB 113,5706
10 Days/ 9 NightsTHB 57,173THB 65,690THB 106,234THB 122,0096
15 Days/ 14 NightsTHB 92,568THB 105,973THB 177,014THB 202,58611
Period: 23rd December 2024 - 4th January 2025
Duration1 Person2 PeopleExcursions/ Person
Superior Pool ViewSuite Pool ViewSuperior Pool ViewSuite Pool View
4 Days/ 3 NightsTHB 28,586THB 32,845THB 53,117THB 61,0042
5 Days/ 4 NightsTHB 39,205THB 44,930THB 74,351THB 85,1783
6 Days/ 5 NightsTHB 46,554THB 53,605THB 85,000THB 97,8363
7 Days/ 6 NightsTHB 57,173THB 65,690THB 106,234THB 122,0094
8 Days/ 7 NightsTHB 67,791THB 77,775THB 127,468THB 146,1825
9 Days/ 8 NightsTHB 78,410THB 89,860THB 148,702THB 170,3556
10 Days/ 9 NightsTHB 85,759THB 98,535THB 159,351THB 183,0136
15 Days/ 14 NightsTHB 138,852THB 158,960THB 265,521THB 303,87911

Example of Your Program

Each day of the week offers 2 wellness activities – ACTIVE PROGRAMME or RELAXED PROGRAMME.
You have the freedom to choose which one fits your mood that day.



Indulge in a wholesome mornings:


At Hilltop Wellness Resort, we believe that a nourishing start to your day is essential for your well-being. Our daily buffet breakfast is not just a meal; it’s an experience crafted to cater to all, including our vegetarian guests.

Savor Local Flavors:

The lunch provided depends on your daily activities.

If you stay at the resort, you can enjoy the Wellness and Thai menus of Plearn Restaurant.

During the excursions, you will have lunch either in a handpicked local restaurant or enjoy a picnic lunch prepared by the chefs at the resort restaurant. Vegetarian/vegan items are available.

An Exquisite Culinary Dinner Experiences:

Our resort’s own Plearn Restaurant is an award-winning,  innovative Thai restaurant featured on the “Top 25 Restaurants” presented by Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT).

The impressive rooftop restaurant at the Hilltop Wellness Resort boasts unbeatable panoramic views over Phuket Town and also views across Phang Nga Bay beyond. Gathering highlighted cuisines from all 4 regions across Thailand in one place, Hilltop Wellness Resort aims to present you with a variety of authentic regional dishes without having to travel around. The “tapas” (small plate) concept allows guests to experience more flavors in one meal.

The chefs aim to curate the best experience for the guests by serving high-quality and locally sourced ingredients seasoned to taste. The specially curated Wellness Menus are also available for those looking for international cuisines! Vegetarian/vegan items are available.