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Embrace Wellbeing through Yoga

Yoga is an ancient mind-body practice originating in India more than 2500 years ago. It consists of several different elements such as physical postures and exercises, breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation techniques. Yoga can help us find balance in the body and in the mind, balance between strength and flexibility, and balance between stress and calm in our daily lives.

At Hilltop Wellness Resort, we offer a range of weekly yoga and meditation classes in our custom-built Hill Club – Yoga Studio and outdoor yoga deck. Our offering includes both dynamic Hatha and Vinyasa yoga-based classes and calmer Yin and Restorative yoga classes. And if you are looking for something truly unique, join in our Sunrise Yoga classes at the Yoga Deck! You will be greeted with breathtaking sunrise views over Phuket Town and Phang Nga Bay while gently waking up your body and mind for the day ahead. Our experienced teachers lead you through each practice safely taking everyone’s level of experience and needs into consideration. Classes are open to all levels and abilities.

All-inclusive Yoga Retreats in Phuket

We offer a range of yoga retreats and yoga holidays. The Yoga Retreat days are filled with yoga classes and activities that allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture, explore the nearby nature, and focus on self-care with massages, spa treatments, and meditation. An important part of the retreat is also having time to rest, relax, and restore your energies.


Relaxed Thailand Yoga Holidays

If you want more free time for yourself, look into our Yoga Holiday packages that include all the yoga but no daily excursions. This leaves you more time to explore Phuket Island on your own or add even more yoga and meditation into your days.

Every day at the Hilltop Wellness Resort includes two yoga classes, one in the morning and one in the evening. The morning class is a more dynamic practice to wake up the body and mind for the day ahead. In the evening, we wind down with a slower, more gentle practice calming down the body and the mind. Twice a week, we offer a complimentary Sunrise yoga class in addition to the daily yoga classes.

Experience a wide range of yoga styles

Hilltop Wellness Resort


Hatha Yoga classes include strengthening standing and balancing poses, as well as seated and floor-based poses. The pace of this class is rather calm, and the focus is on one pose at the time allowing time to find a healthy alignment and work with correct muscles. This class focuses on all areas of the body, strengthening and lengthening muscles with a strong focus on breathing.

Hilltop Wellness Resort


Vinyasa Flow class is a faster paced dynamic practice where poses are linked together forming a continuous flow; builds up strength and stamina. This kind of practice has a stronger focus on upper body strength as we use a lot of planks, low planks and Downward-facing dogs when transitioning from one pose to another. Vinyasa can be interpreted as the linking of movement with breath and this class has a very strong focus on breath.

Hilltop Wellness Resort


Yin Yoga is a calm and slow-paced yet very effective form of yoga. It is characterised by gently stressing the connective tissues particularly in the area between the navel and the knees; we could call this a fascia conditioning class as well! Yin yoga practice consists mainly of floor poses that are held for a long time (typically 3-5 minutes) with relaxed muscles combined with deep breathing. This directs the stimulation of the physical yoga practice to the deeper tissues of the body.

Daily Yoga Classes at Hill Club

Featured on Phuket 101’s Best Yoga Studio in Phuket – “Hill Club” Yoga Studio is a small-group yoga studio
in the center of Phuket offering morning and evening classes daily. We strive to become a destination for “Wellness Within Reach”.

Our yoga classes are offered in the morning and evening daily. The program choices include Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga,
Singing Bowl, and Yin Yoga. Please note that bookings are required as we are a small-group class!

Pricing & Packages

PackageRegular PriceExpiration
1 Class600 THB6 Months
5 Class Pass2500 THB6 Months
10 Class Pass4000 THB6 Months

Meditation seating areas available in the meditation room after Yoga

Guests are welcomed to use the infinity swimming pool and fitness center facilities for 1 hour before and after each yoga session