Hilltop Yoga Holidays

Yoga with Accommodation Only

Our Yoga Holidays allow you to take time for your yoga practice daily, but we have also factored in some free time for you to do anything you like; enjoy the resort’s infinity pool and gym, use our custom-built meditation room, or explore the island on your own. Or if you want to add organised activities in your holiday, you can join in our daily excursions, enjoy spa treatments, or book private yoga classes for a small extra fee. This is YOUR holiday and we’re here to help you tailor it to your interests and needs.

Hilltop Wellness Resort
Hilltop Wellness Resort

Package Details

Period: 11th April 2023 - 30th September 2023
Duration1 Person2 People
Superior Pool ViewSuite Pool ViewSuperior Pool ViewSuite Pool View
4 Days/ 3 NightsTHB 12,120THB 14,307THB 17,562THB 20,874
5 Days/ 4 NightsTHB 16,160THB 19,076THB 23,416THB 27,832
6 Days/ 5 NightsTHB 20,200THB 23,845THB 29,270THB 34,790
7 Days/ 6 NightsTHB 24,240THB 28,614THB 35,124THB 41,748
8 Days/ 7 NightsTHB 28,280THB 33,383THB 40,978THB 48,706
Period: 1st October 2023 - 22nd December 2023
Duration1 Person2 People
Superior Pool ViewSuite Pool ViewSuperior Pool ViewSuite Pool View
4 Days/ 3 NightsTHB 12,276THB 14,707THB 18,440THB 21,918
5 Days/ 4 NightsTHB 16,968THB 19,610THB 24,587THB 29,224
6 Days/ 5 NightsTHB 21,210THB 24,512THB 30,734THB 36,530
7 Days/ 6 NightsTHB 25,452THB 29,415THB 36,880THB 43,835
8 Days/ 7 NightsTHB 29,694THB 34,317THB 43,027THB 51,141
Period: 23th Dec 2023 - 4th Jan 2024
Duration1 Person2 People
Superior Pool ViewSuite Pool ViewSuperior Pool ViewSuite Pool View
4 Days/ 3 NightsTHB 19,089THB 22,061THB 27,660THB 32,877
5 Days/ 4 NightsTHB 25,452THB 29,415THB 36,880THB 43,835
6 Days/ 5 NightsTHB 31,815THB 36,768THB 46,100THB 54,794
7 Days/ 6 NightsTHB 38,178THB 44,122THB 55,320THB 65,753
8 Days/ 7 NightsTHB 44,541THB 51,476THB 64,540THB 76,712
Period: 5th January - 10th April 2024
Duration1 Person2 People
Superior Pool ViewSuite Pool ViewSuperior Pool ViewSuite Pool View
4 Days/ 3 NightsTHB 13,999THB 16,525THB 20,283THB 24,110
5 Days/ 4 NightsTHB 18,665THB 22,033THB 27,044THB 32,147
6 Days/ 5 NightsTHB 23,331THB 27,542THB 33,805THB 40,184
7 Days/ 6 NightsTHB 27,997THB 33,050THB 40,566THB 48,220
8 Days/ 7 NightsTHB 32,663THB 38,558THB 47,327THB 56,257
All Yoga Holiday packages include:
  • Selected accommodation nights (please contact directly for custom packages)
  • Daily gourmet breakfast
  • Daily lunch or dinner at our award-winning Plearn restaurant
  • Free Shuttle Bus to Phuket Town upon availability
  • 2-3 Yoga classes daily
  • Panoramic Sunrise Yoga
  • All-day use of our indoor gym and infinity swimming pool
  • Private airport transfers
  • Healthy juice/smoothie daily


Example of the daily Yoga Holiday schedule:


This all-inclusive retreat package includes two delicious meals (breakfast and lunch OR dinner) and a healthy juice/smoothie every day!

Breakfast of your choice from our à la carte breakfast menu

Choose a different breakfast every day or stick with your favourites! Vegetarian/vegan items are available.

Lunch in a local restaurant or picnicking on an excursion

The lunch provided depends on your daily activities. If you stay at the resort, you can enjoy the Wellness and Thai menus of Plearn Restaurant. During the excursions, you will have lunch either in a handpicked local restaurant or enjoy a picnic lunch prepared by the chefs at the resort restaurant. Vegetarian/vegan items are available.

Dinner at the resort's Plearn Restaurant

Plearn Restaurant is an award-winning Thai restaurant featured on “Top 25 Restaurants” presented by Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT). The impressive rooftop restaurant at the Hilltop Wellness Resort boasts unbeatable panoramic views over Phuket Town and also views across Phang Nga Bay beyond. Gathering highlighted cuisines from all 4 regions across Thailand in one place, Hilltop Wellness Resort aims to present you with a variety of authentic regional dishes without having to travel around. The “tapas” (small plate) concept allows guests to experience more flavours in one meal. The chefs aim to curate the best experience for the guests by serving high-quality and locally sourced ingredients seasoned to taste. The specially curated Wellness Menus are also available for those looking for international cuisines! Vegetarian/vegan items are available.

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