Experience a Sense of Renewal
Personalized wellness experiences for individuals and groups seeking self-led Yoga Holidays & Wellness Retreats.

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Wellness Retreat Destination

Rediscover Your Health and Happiness in the Heart of Phuket Island.

Hilltop Wellness Resort offers personalized wellness experiences for individuals seeking self-led Yoga holidays & wellness retreats, where you have the freedom and flexibility to tailor your retreat experience to your unique wellness goals. These facilitator-free retreats are designed to empower you to create your own schedules, explore various Yoga styles, wellness activities & local tours, and focus on self-care.


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Our Bespoke Wellness Retreats



What Makes Our Resort Special?

Through personal touches, our Yoga & Wellness retreats aim to provide a stress-free holiday and craft the perfect retreat experience for guests looking to relax in Phuket. We aim to cultivate a sense of community and belonging amongst retreat participants and our resort team, crafting meaningful and fun experiences during your stay.


Whether you choose to wake up early for a Sunrise Yoga and Meditation Class or enjoy a Sunset Yoga session at the end of the day, you will be greeted with breathtaking views from our hilltop location. Each retreat day is structured with an abundance of healthy food choices, smoothies, wellness activities, and relaxing or active excursions around Phuket inviting you to immerse yourself in the local culture and nature. As the day gracefully transitions into the evening, our infinity pool becomes an enchanting oasis. The setting sun paints the sky with hues of gold and amber, creating a captivating backdrop for your relaxation. This is the time when you can sip a cocktail or share stories with new friends, all while the infinity pool mirrors the magic of the twilight.


At Hilltop Wellness Resort, we believe that every moment holds the promise of renewal and joy. Here, you’ll discover how to truly slow down and indulge in the art of relaxation. Taking a modern approach to ancient techniques, we move, breathe and eat our way to health and happiness.



Yoga Class Pass Package

Designed exclusively for our external guests, we invite you to experience the epitome of wellness and relaxation.


Complimentary Room Upgrade

Experience the added luxury of a complimentary room upgrade as our way of saying thank you for planning ahead.


Sweetheart Package

Celebrate the Year of Love.

Life is made up of special moments—let us make yours extraordinary.


  • Accommodation
  • Various types of Yoga Classes ( 2-3 per day )
  • Wellness activities, local tours or excursions (Yoga & Wellness Retreats Only)
  • Daily lunch from our Wellness menu or from a handpicked local restaurant ( Yoga & Wellness Retreat Package Only )
  • All-day use of our indoor gym, infinity swimming pool, community lounge
  • Daily gourmet breakfast ( vegetarian & vegan friendly )
  • Daily dinner at our award-winning Plearn restaurant or at a handpicked local restaurant
  • Private airport transfers (two ways)
  • Free Unlimited Wifi



" I 100% recommend this resort to any solo traveler or newbie to Phuket! You get it all in their package deals, with amazing service from the staff who do the most to make your experience comfortable and memorable. It is an absolutely phenomenal place for wellness, the yoga classes/teachers, pleads restaurant food, beautiful rooms, and awesome excursions are such fun. I can’t wait to be back! Thank you for making my week break so wonderful. ''
Jordyn Pitman, Yoga & Wellness Retreat - December 2023
"First time. Loved it. Had the best ever get away. Clean tidy friendly very well organised. Food is way beyond expectations. Yoga instructors are world class. I am a beginner however the classes are run to accommodate every level. Looking forward to another visit."
James G., Yoga & Wellness Retreat - September 2023
"Sanctuary on the hill. I booked a week of wellness and yoga, hoping for a mid winter rest and rejuvenation. This place is incredible! I’m not a yogi but still managed two classes a day, and even one sunrise session! The activities were so well organised and interesting with expert info from the guides. I feel as though I learned a lot about Phuket, it’s history and culture. The hilltop pool is heaven and Plearn restaurant has amazing food. All of the staff are so helpful and kind, even when I had to change arrangements when my flight was delayed. I am very sad to be leaving this sanctuary!"
Michelle W., Yoga & Wellness Retreat - July 2023


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