Wellness in Thailand

March 20, 2024

” Thailand ranks 24th globally (out of 218 countries worldwide) and 9th regionally (out of 45 Asia-Pacific countries) in the $5.6T global wellness economy. BDMS Wellness Clinic is the flagship wellness center of Thailand’s largest private healthcare network, Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS), and operates on the simple philosophy that prevention is better than cure. The clinic uses advanced science and technology to help physicians predict future health issues and prevent disease, while also enhancing mental and physical performance.

Thailand has long been regarded as a top travel destination thanks to its tropical islands, historical and cultural treasures, vibrant urban scenes and bustling markets. Moreover, in Thailand, wellness can be experienced in many dimensions: from Buddhist meditation/spirituality to its deep martial arts lineage (e.g., Muay Thai), and from Thai cuisine based on fresh ingredients to the diverse offerings in its well-developed fitness market. Thailand has also become known for its world-class holistic wellness and health retreats. With well-established tourism, medical and wellness sectors, Thailand offers its residents and visitors abundant possibilities and diverse experiences and services that support them to live well, to become well and to stay well ”.


” The robust and diverse wellness economy in Thailand is well-documented in the data found in this report. Thailand’s wellness tourism market is among the top five in Asia-Pacific (along with China, Japan, Australia and India), as is its spa market (after China, Japan, Indonesia and South Korea), indicating the abundance of wellness experiences available in the country. After an expected pandemic-induced decline in 2020, wellness tourism is now recovering at a robust pace of 36% annual growth (2020-2022).

Traditional Thai therapies and herbal remedies are often incorporated into spa regimes, and Thai massage has made a name for itself in spa circles worldwide. Adjacent to its spa sector are medical wellness facilities that offer comprehensive preventive checkups and wellness retreats that meet diverse needs, from heart wellness to brain wellness at the genetic and cellular levels. These services and treatments are available at cost-effective prices compared to many rival destinations. With all that it has to offer, Thailand is an unparalleled destination for those seeking high quality and affordable world-class health and wellness services ”.

( Credits to the Global Wellness Institute report ).

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