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3 Ways Practising Yoga Outdoors Can Enhance the Experience

July 4, 2022

We all know that spending more time outdoors and in nature is good for us. It can boost our energy levels and help us reconnect with the nature around us. It can calm down the nervous system and help us move away from screens and constant stimuli. At Hilltop Wellness Resort, we’re lucky to have several outdoor yoga decks for our guests to use, so we wanted to share with you some information about how practising yoga outdoors can enhance the practice.

1. Fresh air and natural light to boost your mood and oxygen levels

When practising yoga outdoors, you’ll be exposed to more natural light and oxygen-rich air which can help you feel more energised and revived. Spending more time outdoors in fresh air has been associated with better brain function, increased serotonin levels, and even improved digestion. Natural light, on the other hand, tends to elevate people’s mood and getting more light can help you feel more cheerful and awake.

2. Awaken your senses in nature

Can you hear the birds chirping, the sounds of waves, or the gentle howling of the wind? Can you feel the warmth and coolness of the air on your skin? Can you smell the ground or the trees and flowers around you? As humans, we rely heavily on our sense of sight, and outdoors we can enjoy the greens and blues of the natural world. However, practising outside can reawaken all the other senses too! Allowing the body to feel, hear and smell the nature around us can give a massive boost to both our physical and mental health.

3. Build your confidence by changing the scene

Changing the scene and taking the practice to a completely new place can also boost your confidence. It’s normal to feel awkward and self-conscious when you step outside your comfort zone and take the practice into a new environment. We are creatures of habit and even just changing your spot in the studio room can feel like a big change. Yoga is, however, a tool of self-exploration and challenging yourself to find new ways to practise is part of it. Just imagine how empowering and rewarding it is to do your Sun Salutations under the rising sun or to balance in your Tree pose next to a steady, grounded tree.

We welcome you all to join us at our yoga studio and in our yoga retreats, and feel the power of nature in your yoga practice!

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