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Yoga Retreat FAQ – Part 2

October 10, 2022

We feel that an important part of a successful yoga retreat is how it is prepared and, therefore, we put a lot of effort into the prep stage of each retreat and go through these steps individually with each guest. In this week’s blog post, we share with you some more frequently asked questions regarding our Yoga and Wellness Retreats in Phuket, Thailand. We hope that the answers to the next five most often asked questions help you to choose your yoga retreat and prepare for it even before you arrive at the resort!

1. Do your yoga retreats start on certain days or can I arrive on any day of the week?

Our yoga retreat operate on an all-year-round basis which means that, as long as we have availability, you can arrive on any day of the year, month, and week to start your retreat. You can also determine the length of your stay and check out on a day of your choice. We believe that we all need this flexibility in our lives and hopefully this makes it easier for more people to fit a yoga holiday in their year.

2. My flight arrives late in the evening / leaves very early in the morning. Can I still enjoy the complimentary airport transfer?

Yes, you can! Airport transfer is included in every Yoga Retreat and Yoga Holiday package, and this is arranged according to your schedule. Prior to your arrival, we ask when your flight arrives and organise our own driver to meet you at the airport at that time. Again, this gives our guests the flexibility to choose a flight that suits their schedule and budget, and we’ll accommodate that. Even if your flight arrives very late or leaves very early in the morning, we’ll arrange the transfer for you with our private van.

3. What if my flight changes after I’ve made the booking and I need to change my retreat dates?

Not to worry! We have a flexible policy with changes and cancellations. If you need to change your retreat start and end dates after you’ve paid the deposit, you can still make changes free of charge. As long as we have availability on your new dates, you can flexibly change your dates and length of stay without losing your deposit or having to pay any extra fees.

4. How do I make a booking?

Firstly, if you have found a ready-made package on our website that suits your wishes and needs, you can proceed with the booking via our online booking system. You’ll be asked to pay a 30% deposit to secure your booking and the remaining 70% will be due upon arrival to the resort. However, many of our guests have needed to tailor their package due to flight times or wanting a longer stay than our fixed packages offer or wanting to add to the inclusions of the packages. This is absolutely fine and we’re happy to modify the package for you. In this case, we recommend submitting an inquiry via the website form or emailing directly to yoga-manager@hilltopwellnessresort.com to request a tailored package. Once your package has been created, we’ll send you a personal payment link for a 30% deposit to secure your booking with us.

5. I want to really focus on relaxation and destress. Which of your package options suits me best?

We offer various different Yoga and Wellness holiday packages and we understand that it can be difficult to choose the one that would suit your needs. If you want to have more free time but still enjoy our yoga classes, gym, pool, and meditation facilities, we recommend choosing the Yoga Holiday package which is a lighter package without the daily excursions around Phuket island. This package gives you a lot of free time in-between the morning and evening yoga classes to relax at the resort and maybe enjoy a massage or other spa treatments on-site.

However, if you’re someone who relaxes best when they have something to do and places to go, we recommend choosing the Yoga and Wellness package as this comes with day trips around Phuket and other activities to keep you busy during daytime. If you’re not sure which package suits you best, just drop us a message and we can tailor one for your needs and wishes!

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