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Thailand Entry Requirements in August 2022

August 29, 2022

With travel restrictions easing in Thailand and around the world, it’s sometimes difficult to stay up to date with all the changes. We get a lot of questions about the current entry requirements to Thailand from our international guests, and with this update we want to offer some guidance on how things stand in August 2022.

Current Entry Requirements

In July 2022, Thailand removed the use of its Thailand Pass system and the compulsory covid-19 insurance for international travellers. This means that all pre-travel registration and quarantine rules have ended. Now, foreign nationals arriving in Thailand are only required to show a certificate of being fully vaccinated against covid-19 or a professional ATK test result taken within 72 hours of travel. These certificates can be either printed or in digital format.

International travellers are considered being fully vaccinated when:

“They get their second dose of a 2-dose vaccine no less than 14 days before their travel date to Thailand OR they get a single-dose vaccine no less than 14 days before their travel date to Thailand.”

– Tourism Authority of Thailand website

This applies to all travellers aged 18 years and above.

Children between 5-17 years old are required to have received one dose of covid-19 vaccine if they travel alone. However, this is not required if the children are travelling together with fully vaccinated parents.

What if I’m not fully vaccinated?

If you are not fully vaccinated against covid-19, you’re required to take a professional ATK test within 72 hours prior to your travel. You’ll need to be able to show a negative test result upon arrival in Thailand.

More about the covid-19 vaccination requirements can be found on Tourism Authority of Thailand website: https://www.tatnews.org/2022/06/covid-19-vaccine-guide-for-travellers-to-thailand/

If you have any questions about the current Thailand entry requirements, covid-19 policies, or visa requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to assist our guests to navigate through the requirements for international arrivals.

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Picture 2 by Nilla Rafael (@nillarafael)

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