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Christmas and New Year on a Yoga Retreat

October 27, 2022

Have you ever wondered if there was an alternative way to spend the Festive Season? If there was a way to relax and unwind but do without this without over-eating and letting yourself go completely for those last weeks of the year… What about spending your Christmas and New Year on a yoga retreat? Many holidaymakers escape the cold and dark winter to spend their Christmas in the sun and adding a yoga retreat to this can only triple the benefits and relaxation that the holiday brings. Let us show you how!

Maintain a healthy diet through the festive period

Traditionally, food around Christmas and New Year’s time isn’t the healthiest and we tend to overeat – despite all of our good intentions to “not over-indulge this year”. If you’re looking for a way to eat healthily and feel supported in doing so, then a yoga retreat is a great place to escape festive eating and drinking. On a retreat, you’re following regular meal times which can help with cutting down snacking or having sugary drinks in-between the meals. You’re also kept busy in other activities, so the overall daily rhythm is much healthier than many of us tend to have over the holiday season.

Stay physically active over the holidays

A break from the gym routine or other exercise regimes during Christmas and New Year can result in falling off good habits and taking part in physical activity. After the holidays, it can feel doubly challenging to leave the house to exercise! So, staying active on a yoga retreat can really help us keep up or even create new good habits. On a retreat, you’re never alone with your struggles of getting onto the mat or going to the gym because you’re surrounded by instructors and other yogis who encourage you to keep going.

Spend the holiday with like-minded people

Some of us have families we want to spend the holiday time with, but for some of us the festive season can be a very lonely time. And for some, an intensive period of time with family can sometimes be very tiring and stressful. On a yoga retreat, you will spend time with people who have done the same choice as you; spend the holiday season on a retreat. This means that you’re surrounded by like-minded people and you can choose to take time for yourself or spend more time with the group.

It’s important to charge the batteries at the end of the year, and for many the holiday around Christmas and New Year is the only time to do this. However, the stress around the festive period can be draining and leave us going back to work feeling even more tired than we were before. If this is you, we encourage you to look into other ways of spending your holiday and maybe asking for support in doing so. A yoga retreat can be the perfect way to escape over-eating and drinking, getting out of shape, and having to stress about presents or family gatherings. If you want to hear more about spending your break in a tropical paradise with yoga, healthy food, and day trips, let us know and we’ll create YOUR yoga holiday package for this Christmas and New Year!

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