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Recognizing When Enough is Enough

July 9, 2023

Your optimal output of focus & productivity is directly related to your input.
The car cannot run without refueling and neither can you.

Physical & mental burnout is real, often disguised as being productive. The days when overworking yourself or your team members was a sign of success are over. Celebrating workplace dynamics without allowing ( and promoting ) frequent breaks is simply not sustainable and not smart.

It’s true that the hardest thing to do when we might be feeling overwhelmed by work tasks or life in general – is to pause. Somewhat taking a pause when there is just so much to do feels counterproductive, doesn’t it?

Here are three surprisingly simple tips to take a pause and boost your batteries:

  • Place a small, leafy plant on your work desk where you can easily see it. Resting your eyes on the green plant life invites much-needed solace for your strained eye muscles.
  • Have an infusion of uplifting aromatherapy mist next to you for those times when being on the call demands your utmost focus & presence. Our favorite grounding essential oils are Bergamot, Lavender, or Frankincense. Want to add an extra boost of energy? Add Peppermint to your chosen blend and aaaah!
  • Hydration, hydration, hydration. It is a well-known fact that keeping yourself hydrated is important. But did you know that when you are stressed your body needs to replenish even more? Dehydration can cause stress, and stress can cause dehydration. When you’re stressed, your adrenal glands produce extra cortisol, the stress hormone, and under chronic stress, your adrenal glands can become exhausted, and resulting in lower electrolyte levels. 2 -3 liters of fluid intake is a minimum amount for an average adult ( in a form of water, herbal teas, soups ).

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