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What a Yoga retreat really looks like?

October 20, 2022

In this week’s blog post, we want to show you what a Yoga retreat at Hilltop Wellness Resort really looks like. These are not professional or edited photos but pictures taken during our retreats either by our tour guides or the guests themselves. There’s yoga, there’s food, and all the exciting day trips and activities around Phuket island. If you’ve been to our retreats, please share your pictures in the comments below to show what your visit was like!

When the weather allows, we practise outside during sunrise. After this it gets a bit hot, so we often move indoors for the rest of the day, but might come back outside for sunset yoga.

The indoor yoga studio is lovely and green, and has air conditioning. This is a surprisingly nice factor, especially if you’ve spent the day out in the sun on an excursion!

Aoife at the top of the world! She’s just hiked up to the Black Rock Viewpoint from where the views over Phuket island are just breath-takingly amazing.

On a Sunday evening market tour in Phuket Old Town.
Ready for some kayaking through the mangroves.
Meeting like-minded people is a big part of a shared yoga retreat experience.

Here’s Francesca enjoying some kayaking after trekking in the rainforest. All the excursions are organised with professional guides and local people who really know the area, its history and culture. Phuket has so many different areas to explore and this mangrove forest is just one of the many fascinating natural areas on the island.

Food in a local restaurant during an excursion.
Thai soup to give more energy for the next leg of the tour.
Addison at the local market.
Nathanial at a local buddhist temple. Every Thursday, we organise a Phuket Temple Tour that explores both the most well knows temples on the island as well as a more hidden one that not everyone knows about. Fabulous dive into Thai culture and history.
Lauren at Promthep Cape waiting for the sunset views.

Our retreats would not be anything without our wonderful staff! Here they’re saying goodbyes to Jade and Wendy before they head to the airport and back home. Thank you for staying with us!

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