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5 Must See and Do Things in Phuket

August 15, 2022

Phuket is a diverse island full of things to see and do. Whether you’re interested in exploring nature, learning about Thai culture, trying new foods, or maybe pampering yourself – Phuket has got you covered!

At Hilltop Wellness Resort, we love to travel and experience the world around us with all of our senses. This has inspired us to put together a short list of the must see and do activities in Phuket. This is our list of the five not-to-miss excursions in Phuket!

1. Jungle Trekking in Khao Phra Thaeo National Park

If you like trekking and exploring nature, then a tour around the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park is a must. This national park is the last significant virgin rainforest on Phuket Island. The guided walks are beginner-friendly and there are different paths to choose from; You can make a shorter walk or spend several hours exploring the vast forest. If you get too hot and sweaty, refresh yourself in the two small waterfalls, Tonsai Waterfall and Bang Pae Waterfall.

More about the park: https://www.thainationalparks.com/khao-phra-thaeo-wildlife-sanctuary

2. Phuket Old Town Tours

Phuket Old Town is full of history and culture and a must-visit place for anyone interested in Thai and Phuketian culture. There are different ways to explore the Old Town; We recommend doing at least one tour with a guide who can tell you about the rich history and culture of the island. There are many hidden doors to open and unheard stories to hear that only a local guide has access to. The food culture is very rich and varied as it’s a combination of Thai, Chinese, and Malay influences. We recommend joining in either a Cultural Heritage Tour or a Street Food Tour or visiting the Sunday Night Market for a fully immersive Phuket culture experience.

3. A Trip to the Beach

Phuket island has many beautiful beaches to enjoy a sunny day. Many beaches also have small restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy tasty local food and drinks. To some more remote beaches you might need to pack a picnic with you. We recommend exploring some of Phuket’s smaller beaches as these are often a bit quieter and the surrounding nature is truly spectacular. Some of our favourite beaches to visit are Freedom Beach, Naiharn Beach, and Yanui Beach.

4. Phuket Temple Tours

Phuket is full of bigger and smaller temples that all have a history to tell. To explore all of them might take a couple of days, but it’s easy to see some of the most famous ones in just a few hours. You can visit all the temples on your own but prepare to organise yourself some form of transport from one place to another as the distances between the temples are not walkable. Visiting with a guide gives you that extra insight into the culture and history hidden within the temples. The two most famous temples in Phuket are Wat Chalong and the Big Buddha. From the Big Biddha you can also catch some of the most impressive 360° views over Phuket.

5. A Self-Care Spa Day

Thailand is famous for its massage and spa culture, and for a good reason! Compared to many countries, the prices are low and there are more than many professional spas to choose from. Spending a half-day in a spa and enjoying various treatments is an extremely relaxing way to enjoy your time in Phuket. Many resorts have in-house massage therapists as well, so if you don’t fancy going out, check with your resort/hotel first if they offer massages at the premises.

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