Most Relaxing Wellness Resort 2023 in Phuket – South East Asia Business Awards

July 30, 2023

2023 has been a year of #healing. For businesses of all sizes, it’s acted as an outlet for creativity and innovation that may have otherwise been dampened following the world’s emergence from the pandemic. It’s thanks to this worldwide recovery that pre-existing businesses were able to find their feet again, whilst new businesses were granted the opportunity to start making a real impact on the world. South East Asia is occupied by some of the most steadfast companies who have not only persevered through the pandemic, but have also sought to lift themselves, and others, up towards a better tomorrow. Success is born in South East Asia, and it’s evident through this year’s selection of winners.

South East Asia Bussiness Awards 2023

As a result of this steadfast determination to keep going, no matter the odds, APAC Insider launched the 2023 edition of the awards programme, which celebrates the award-winning companies that continue to make a difference. Awards Co-ordinator Laura O’Carroll commented on this year’s winners: “We are always proud to lend a platform to the businesses that are shaping the future, and this year’s South East Asia Business Awards programme is no different. I extend my congratulations to all who’ve been recognised in APAC Insider’s 2023 programme, and wish you all the best in the year to come.”

And the Winner is …

We are humbly proud and excited to be awarded this recognition as a most relaxing wellness resort in Phuket. Our gratitude goes to our incredible #team at Hilltop Wellness Resort who day after day delivers exceptional service to each guest. Well done team!

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