Best Regions to Travel in 2024

October 31, 2023

We are thrilled to share with you that Southern Thailand was recently featured on the 2024 Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel list! Southern Thailand earned the #6 place on the Top Ten Regions for Travel in 2024! As a Phuket-based resort, in Southern Thailand, we are not surprised as we can daily witness the beauty and rich culture of our home island. Phuket is a truly unique part of the amazing Thailand full of adventures, natural beauty, and opportunities to rest and relax.

Lonely Planet Award for the Best in Travel in 2024

Here’s what Lonely Planet says about Southern Thailand as one of the best regions to travel in 2024:

“Welcome to another side of Thailand, one of ornate mosques and mystical shrines, where the melodious call to prayer chimes with the sound of temple bells. Home to miles of deserted beaches, traditional fishing villages and stunning, jungle-cloaked national parks, its history stretches back several centuries. Here, a unique halal cuisine and local culture emerged from centuries of Thai, Malay and Indo-Persian cross-pollination.”

At Hilltop Wellness Resort Phuket, we wish to show our guests the many faces of this island with our day trips around Phuket; see the temples, the rainforest, the beaches and hills or take part in various cultural explorations. And, of course, pamper yourself with spa treatments, take part in a wellness retreat, and look after your physical and mental wellbeing with a Yoga Retreat.

Welcome to Phuket – the pearl of Southern Thailand!

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