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5 Ways to Reconnect with Your Wellbeing

September 5, 2022

How Yoga Retreats can help you reconnect with your wellbeing?

After the past over two years of stressful covid times, the world is slowly moving back to normality. Although this happens in waves, it’s safe to say that people are travelling again and looking for ways to reconnect with their wellbeing. In this blog post, we want to offer you some ideas on how to reconnect with yourself and your wellbeing on a Yoga & Wellness Retreat.

1) Detach from the everyday

When you’re taking part in a retreat, the everyday is pushed aside for a moment and replaced with new routines and activities. For many people, it’s easier to relax and destress when you pull yourself away from your usual environment and follow a daily schedule that someone else has created for you. A new environment can give you that extra space that you need to clear your mind. Travelling to a new country and culture can boost this even more as you’re physically and mentally in a completely different world!

2) Be physically active

For many people, full-time work, family life, and other everyday life commitments mean that there’s not enough time for being physically active. Also, when we’re tired, it’s easy to skip going for a walk or run, to the gym or yoga class… But, skipping exercise will only make us more tired in the long run. This can have a big effect on our mood and mental health creating a cycle of inactivity that can be difficult to break without stepping away from the daily routines and commitments. On a yoga retreat, you take part in at least two or three yoga classes every day and can join in other activities which – for most of us – offer a massive increase to our daily physical activity levels. Often, it’s this initial boost that we need to create new habits. When returning home, you might notice that it’s easier to continue than start being physically active.

3) Eat well

When we say eating well, we don’t mean dieting or starving yourself! Holidays are for feeling good and good eating habits and healthy food are a big part of this, and there needs to be enough of it. Good food is not just good for your body but for your mind as well. Exploring new foods and tastes refreshes the mind and enriches our lives beyond the time that we spend at the resort. We believe that tasty food made of fresh ingredients with skill and passion can truly increase our happiness and make us feel good. Just like with physical exercise, a retreat holiday that focuses on good food and eating habits, can help us make changes to our diet back home too.

4) Meet like-minded people

Meeting people who are interested in similar things and maybe share similar values with us, can help us feel good about ourselves and help to clarify what is important to us in life. Also, you might join in a retreat without knowing the other people which can be extremely refreshing as no one has prior expectations of you. This can help us step out of our usual roles and connect with our true self.

5) Deepen your mind-body connection

Yoga, meditation, and massage can offer benefits far beyond physical health and wellbeing. With these practices, you can also tap into your mental health. You have a chance to explore a deeper mind-body connection which is vital to all of our wellbeing and can often be missing from many of our everyday lives. This deeper connection can help us navigate through stress and cope with the pressures we face at work, in our studies and/or in relationships with other people.  

If we can help you to reconnect with yourself and your wellbeing in any way, drop us a message! We’d love to be part of your wellbeing journey 😊

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